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Salted Cold Foam Iced Coffee Recipe

We know you have all heard us talk about our obsession to Starbuck's Salted Cold Foam on Party's Over Podcast so we decided it might be time to try and learn how to make it at home. Sometimes you want to add a little something to your morning coffee and this is the perfect way to do just that. Salted Cold Foam Recipe:

Iced Coffee-

I just make hot coffee in the morning and then put the leftovers in a fridge in masjon jar to enjoy later on.

Fat Free Milk- It doesn't take much, 2 tablespoons maybe!

This part is crucial! Something to do with the proteins in the fat free milk help stabilize it to froth, not sure exactly, but I have tried other milks and it doesn't stay stiff and fluffy.

Creamer/ Alternative Milk

Here you can kind of get creative and add a splash of maybe a flavored creamer, a little coconut creamer, almond milk, etc.

Sweetener- 1 Teaspoon

A splash of maple syrup is our personal favorite, but honey would work good as well,

Vanilla- a splash

Salt- a pinch

You need this step, trust us!!!

Milk Frother- blend milk for 1 minute or until stiff peaks form

Here is a link to the milk frother we purchased off Amazon. This is rechargeable and comes with two attachments and is PERFECT for frothing the milk!

Ta-daaa! There you have it! your perfect Starbucks Salted Cold Foam Iced Coffee. We hope you love it as much as we do.

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