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Hi, I'm Liz! I like to call myself a washed up, old lady at the age of 26 years old. Navigating post-grad has been a challenge for me, but I've been lucky enough to have Ashley to discuss it with. I work in digital marketing and enjoy outdoor activities in my free time. 

Food of choice: Thanksgiving Dinner.. that counts as a food right?!

Drink of choice: Hmmm... margarita? wine? moscow mule? Is this a non-alcoholic question? I'll pick water. 

Annoying quality of mine: always on schedule, but never on time

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I'm a 25 year old that majored in marketing, alongside the rest of the Millennial/ Gen z population. Hey, the heart wants what the heart wants and the heart wants to play on Facebook for a living, kidding, I play on YouTube too, also kidding!

Food of choice: I would french kiss a chocolate chip muffin from Hannaford at any given second.

Drink of choice: Two shots of espresso on ice with salted cold foam from Starbucks. 

Annoying quality of mine: Ooo just one? That'll be tough. There are several. I go through phases where I crochet, there are worse ones, but I'm not secure enough to share. 

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