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How to Recover From Burnout

This week’s episode is all about burnout. Burnout is inevitable every now and then, but there are a few things Ashley and Liz like to do to help recover and bounce back when they are in a season of burnout. On this week's episode Ashley and Liz share what burnout looks like for them and a few examples of times they have experienced it.

In honor of this episode, we wanted to share our warning signs for when a burnout might be coming on.


Do you ever notice a constant battle of forgetting work that needs to be done or items you agreed to? There may be too many things going on in your brain which can soon lead to a burnout.

Can’t Concentrate

We often notice while working or hanging out with friends that our minds are wandering like there is a constant need to be doing something else. Ashley and Liz both agree that social media & screen time can affect concentration, so if you feel this coming on, try taking some time away from the screen or other things that can steal your focus!

No Pride in the work you are doing

If you feel like you are just checking items off a list to check them off, you might be losing pride in what you are doing. Remember the feeling of being proud of the work you are putting out, and if you have lost that feeling, we recommend taking a break to reset.

Other warning signs include:

- Losing sight of your goal

- Muscle tension or fatigue

- Frustration or irritability

- Difficult time maintaining relationships with friends & family

Party’s Over Podcast tips for bouncing back after a burnout include:

  1. Less screen time / social media

  2. Taking things off your plate that do not need to be on it. Is there something you can delegate to someone else? Is there something you are doing just because?

  3. Taking a much needed personal day and making relaxation and resetting your number 1 priority.

  4. Knowing when to say no and how to say no

  5. Start keeping a calendar and also include time for yourself on that calendar

Recovering from a burnout is different for everyone. Ashley likes to take time at home where she can catch up, where Liz needs to be away from home to let her mind rest.

This episode is a very real and honest conversation about Liz and Ashley's experience with feeling burnt out from life. It is important to note that in some instances it may be something more serious than a season of burnout and should be taken more seriously.

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