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Ep. 72: The Importance of Community

Rakiya Mohamed joins Ashley and Liz on Party's Over Podcast to share her experience growing up in Maine. Rakiya and her family moved to Maine from Ethiopia when she was a young child. Rakiya grew up in a big loving family in Lewiston, Maine. After high school, she attended Bates College where she graduated with a minor in African American Studies and a major in Biological Chemistry.

On this episode Rakiya shares with us what it was like to move to Maine from Ethiopia, balancing a large family, and opens up about her experience post-grad. Rakiya practices the Islamic religion and is kind enough to help educate us and share a bit with us about what it means to be Muslim.

This episode was such a beautiful reminder that community is such an important part of life and that having a strong, loving community to lean on is critical.

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