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Post Grad Podcast

A Maine based podcast, helping you navigate your twenties.


Hosted By

Ashley Clifford & Elizabeth Adley

Ashley and Liz are your two new besties, that you didn't ask for, but you have now!

Ashley and Liz were random roommates their freshman year of college and quickly became best friends. The girls spent their college career spending time with friends and dreaming up life after graduation. When the time came to graduate and venture off into the "real world" the two found it much more difficult than anticipated. 


Ashley and Liz found the transition from college to working a 9 to 5 job in Maine challenging. They spent their lunch breaks texting about how they needed some sort of "guide or resource" to help them navigate post-grad. Thus, Party's Over Podcast was born. 


The girls knew that they didn't have all the answers, but decided to learn along with the listeners. Ashley and Liz had open conversations about transitioning friendships, living with parents, staying in your home state. They interviewed successful business owners, creators, people of different cultures, fitness and wellness experts, and more. 

Today, Party's Over Podcast has 50,000 downloads and is heard in 60+ countries, but remains a Maine/New England dominated Podcast The podcast has helped thousands live a happy, valued, and intentional life.


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On this episode, Laura was kind enough to answer questions very openly and honestly about her relationship with sobriety, such as when she questioned her relationship with alcohol, how her friends supported her, some of her struggles, and more.

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Ep. 71: The Defining Decade with Author Dr. Meg Jay

On this episode Dr. Meg Jay shares with us what her life was like and why she decided to write the Defining Decade. The Defining Decade is all about how to make the most of your twenties and why it really sets the foundation for your life. The book is written with examples from Meg Jay's clients lives which allows for different relatable scenarios.

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Chelsey Curtis, Holistic Health Coach and co-host of What We Said Podcast joins Ashley and Liz on this weeks episode of Party's Over Podcast. On this episode we talk a little about everything, marrying young, turning passions into careers, moving (a lot), taking risks, finding happiness, etc.

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